Good morning :)

I'm Karol,

a front-end developer.

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tic-tac-wtf - thumbnail


"Tic-tac-toe", but eight times more challenging. Two-person real-time online game.

waterstreak - thumbnail


Daily hydration tracking application, designed with simplicity and utility in mind.

donefire - thumbnail


To-do web app, where all the tasks are sorted by their "hotness". Features lists and gestures.

PWR color calendar - thumbnail

PWR color calendar

Google Calendar-connected web tool, that lets the user change the default timetable colors for PWR.

movie app - thumbnail

movie app

Web app, that uses movie database and YouTube API. Simulates cinema tickets reservation.

O mnie

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My name is Karol Sitarz.
I'm studying Computer Science at the Wroclaw University of Technology. I specialize in web apps and websites. Besides that, I edit videos and audio, create illustrations and icons, and write music.
Most often, I work with:
javascript - skill icon
react - skill icon
nodejs - skill icon
html - skill icon
css - skill icon
adobe photoshop - skill icon
I have also worked with:
php - skill icon
java - skill icon
c++ - skill icon
adobe illustrator - skill icon
adobe premiere - skill icon