photo of an arm holding a smartphone with a web application open on it
a digital sketch of an arm holding a smartphone with a web application open on it
a vector illustration of an arm holding a smartphone with a gradient displayed on the screen

Good evening :)

I'm Karol,

front-end developer.

ui designer.

gradient enthusiast.

front-end developer.


allies - thumbnail


An app that lets you play "mafia" in real-time with up to 20 players simultaneously.

tICkets - thumbnail


PKP Intercity ticket management and viewing app. All you need is the ticket's PDF file.

tic-tac-wtf - thumbnail


"Tic-tac-toe", but eight times more challenging. Two-player real-time online game.

waterstreak - thumbnail


Daily hydration tracking web app, designed with simplicity and utility in mind.

donefire - thumbnail


To-do web app, where all the tasks are sorted by their "hotness". Features lists and gestures.

PWR color calendar - thumbnail

PWR color calendar

A web tool, that lets the user change the default WUST timetable colors in Google Calendar.


photo of Karol Sitarz

My name is Karol Sitarz.
I'm studying Computer Science at the Wroclaw University of Technology. I specialize in web apps and websites. Apart from that, I edit videos and audio, create illustrations and icons, and write music.

Most often, I work with:
Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Premiere
I have also worked with:
JestSASSJavaScalaPHPGraphQLjQueryMongoDBSQLC++React Native
Adobe IllustratorAdobe InDesignBalsamiq WireframesFigmaVisual Paradigm
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